Life as a Student at the Herbal Academy

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I am not nodding off in this lecture! You know you’ve been there (I certainly have) and I can say this course is in no way boring, repetitive, or monotone. The creators of this course not only know what they are doing, but they teach the content quite well. Everything is explained in a cross between scientific knowledge and layman’s terms – making everything completely understandable and relatable. I do not feel like I am in over my head here!

Preview Lesson from the Introductory Herbal Course

Once I signed up for the course, I had immediate access to free downloads, such as pre-designed labels and infographics. This content is a complete bonus and provides me with the extras I may need for my herbal career. My first lesson was a Welcome from the Founder and Director of the Herbal Academy, Marlene Adelmann. She explained the course, how the curriculum is set up, ways to contact instructors, and how to use the online forum. We started to dive into the properties of herbs and how herbs work. The plant naturally makes the chemicals in each herb, with each herb converting them to a specific use when consumed by humans. Raw coffee beans, and caffeine, are an excellent example of this!

Herbal Academy Courses

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