Hurricane and Flood Preparedness

  • Gather needed supplies while keeping everyone’s medical needs in mind, as well as any other specific need each person may have. Don’t forget about your pets!
  • Gather supplies for at least three days.
  • You will want to make sure that all of your important documents are in a safe and secure location, a safe way is by transferring all important documents and family photos to digital copies with password protection on them.
  • Remember to always stay up to date on your insurance policies.
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The most important advice I can give is to always evacuate. The best way to know that you and your family are safe, is to leave the dangerous areas and stay ahead of the storms. If you stay behind after the government issues evacuations, you can get trapped and it will become harder for you to get out later on down the road. Not only would it endanger your lives, but also the lives of the first responders that would be sent in to rescue you. Once flooding starts, it becomes more and more dangerous for you, so always remember the following:

  • Do NOT drive or walk through flooded areas
    • Remember: “Turn around, don’t drown
  • Stay away from moving water because you never know when the water will speed up and wash everything in its path away
  • Your best chance, if you do stay behind, is to get to the highest ground possible and wait for emergency response teams and rescuers
  • If flooding in your area is possible, you should always be prepared to move to higher ground or leave at short notice

While we get into more of flood and hurricane season, it is always best to be prepared, never rule out the possibility of a natural disaster hitting around where you live. Stay safe and always be prepared!


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