What Does it Mean to be an Herbalist?

Through my company, I talk a lot about being an herbalist. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly that means, you’ve clicked on the right post! Keep reading to find out …

Let’s start at the root (sorry, couldn’t resist!) of herbalism. The use of medicinal plants dates back 60,000 years to the Paleolithic age. Some 5,000 years ago, the Sumerians started compiling lists of plants. Ancient cultures – such as Egyptians, Grecians and the Bronze Age Chinese – left artifacts, wrote works, or drew images referencing the use of herbs. Native Americans are thought to have used 2,500 different plant species that are native to North America. Fast-forward to today and herbal medicine is found in many regions and cultures. It is estimated that almost 80 percent of some Asian and African countries use herbs in some form. Herbal remedies are also very common throughout Europe and South America*.

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The truth is pharmaceuticals are expensive and most herbs can be grown from seed for little to no cost. However, herbs can be potent, potentially contaminated, and interact with traditional medicines. That’s where I come in. A certified herbalist has a broad ranges of education – plus hundreds of hours of study, research and experience – and can safely recommend these dietary supplements and herbal remedies.

An herbalist has the following educational background and experience:

  • Skilled in the growing and harvesting of herbs correctly
  • Understands the process of drying herbs properly
  • Knowledgeable in the application of herbs for dietary supplements and herbal remedies
  • Understands the therapeutic and historical uses of herbs
  • Adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices, which includes positive identification, assurance of purity, tracking of source materials, training of personnel, and proper hygiene
  • Understands safety protocols and when, and when not, to use certain herbs and other ingredients, such as essential oils
  • Understands each herb’s constituents and known precautions
  • And much more!

Follow along with me as I continue my herbalist education, with the Herbal Academy, and grow my apothecary and survival business, Southern Belle Products. I’ve planted the seed and I can’t wait to see the business blossom. Pun intended 😉

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Welcome to Southern Belle Products!

Navigating Nature for Adventures at Home and on the Go with Southern Inspired Apothecary, Aromatherapy and Survival Products

Born and raised in Georgia, I grew up with nature as a friend and a foe. While exploring the great outdoors, ticks, bugs, sticks and mud found me, but I also found a way to patch my injuries and repair my skin in natural ways. Baking soda would relieve an itchy bug bite and a good salt scrub would clean up the messiest of knees. There was little need to visit the drugstore when all I needed was to look at the solutions mother nature provided.

Fast forward years later and I decided to launch Southern Belle Products. A place where my true southern belle spirit meets surviving whatever life throws our way. This is where skin care and aromatherapy bring the wonders of Mother Nature to you and where paracord and survival essentials bring you safely into the great outdoors. For me, it’s about bringing together the best of both worlds – loving my time relaxing at home and enjoying the moments outdoors.

Unlike most body product and home aromatherapy lines, my belief is less is in fact more. I say yes to all natural ingredients and no to artificial filers. A bath should be an organic experience, not full of synthetic sensory and skin irritants. A home should smell clean and natural, not overly stuffy and headache inducing. I search out the ingredients for my product lines with an eye towards what is closest to the Earth, not what is necessarily the cheapest or quickest to procure. I created the Apothecary and Aromatherapy lines with this in mind. Each item is made by hand, with you in mind.

When it comes to venturing outside, I want to experience it safely and I want that for you, too. With military veterans and first responders as loved ones, I know what it means to be prepared. Plus, I grew up on the idea that it’s better to have and not need than to need and not have – something I continue to believe in today. The Paracord Collection provides stylish, survival inspired elements – items readily available should you need a helping hand (or rope) in case of emergency. The “Oh Sh*t!” Collection keeps you fully equipped on the go; from Watertight Survival Boxes, Day Trip Survival Bags, First Aid Kits and Bug Out Bags with all the essentials to Everyday Carry Kits and Everyday Survival Bags for quick fixes and daily needs. Outfitting yourself is the best choice before venturing outside.

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my Apothecary & Survival Blog, plus my company, Southern Belle Products! I’m looking forward to many great adventures to come – and yours, too!